Current and Recent Series

a small rustle


A collection of cut paper pieces and watercolor drawings. Vivid colors depict deer captured in uneasy and perilous positions. The cut-paper backgrounds, white-on-white scenes of cut paper industry or woods, are distant and detached landscapes, like frozen memories or dreams. The details of the backgrounds, along with elements of the deerforms themselves, are perceptible through the shadows cast by their layered construction. (Inquire for additional images.)

Winter Wonderland


A series of sparkling cut paper snow-scapes inspired by the mountains and valleys of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Survey Shadows


The Survey Shadows series, including both cut paper and monoprints, looks at infrastructure as a metaphor for our social and psychological connections. Sometimes playful, sometimes serious, these portraits translate actual objects into compositions that remind me of particular social or emotional situations. The configurations I draw from, based on municipal equipment originally installed haphazardly, have individual elements – wires, handles, boxes, tags, and other bits –working together as a system, holding and maintaining a larger whole, toggling between their role as an individual and as a group.

On the Farm


The On the Farm series studies the varied natural textures and decaying industrial structures at the Goat Farm Arts Center, an artist community and former machinery mill in the heart of Atlanta. While Survey Shadows centers on the relationships between people and communities, On the Farm shifts focus to the buildings and creatures that surround me at my studio. All pieces are composed of cut paper.



The Post series looks at infrastructure as a metaphor for our social and psychological connections. At the same time, it is a personal investigation of the stories that tie my family and friends together. The works in the series are each a snapshot of a dynamic social web, rendered as interconnected wires and boxes, connecting and maintaining one another.

Artist’s Books


A selection of bookforms and experimentations.


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