Earlier Series



These objects trace the invisible act of reading, a relic of the otherwise invisible process




The power lines here are about traveling distance. The lone posts attached to other things, unseen, act as archaic physical markers of connection over great distances. They are a reassuring icon from the great, traveling, road-based subconscious. They are familiar, overlooked, distant, displaced. Their repetition and variation make a typology, forgetting locations and distances between cities. The telephone poles and stretching wires are locationless portraits. The beauty from the formal interaction of strung and coiled wires comes from practical and off-handed productions. The compositions examine proportions of distance, of solitude. A collection of etchings (some with chine-colle elements).




What experiences do we remember to tell and re-tell again? Retelling's artists’ books, drawings, and prints are maps of my family’s stories. Made not simply to keep a record, these pieces are examining systems of communication and elements of connection. I choose to map these particular experiences as the key fragments that illuminate my interconnected history as they reconfirm my identity. In the process of making these pieces, I am examining how we remember these stories, the ways that events are kept or rewritten over time.




A collection of fiber art exploring objects, memory, and place.




A photography series focusing on wireforms and infrastructure from Lacoste, France, and its surrounding villages.




A collection of black-and-white flâneur photography from Paris.




A collection of artists’ books and small works created at the Skopelos Foundation for the Arts, Greece.


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